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Setting an anchor
Oregon State Marine Board guidelines recommend paying out anchor line a minimum of seven times the depth of water.
Then apply Orval's EZ Pull.

How to install Orval's EZ Pull™
Hold the device in your left hand with the slot facing to the right, use your left thumb to depress the lever down.

Lay the anchor line in the slot, beginning at the roller end. The line snaps in and under both line locks with a little pull on the rope and a slight twist on Orval's EZ Pull™.

You're now ready to toss the line overboard with the puller and buoy in-place.  Pay out some more line and secure the line to the bow.

Lifting & retrieving an anchor
Move the vessel forward till the line is tight and the anchor has lifted clear of the bottom. You're now able to lift and retrieve using the boat's forward motion at a nominal speed.

Pulling crab pots
Pull along side the buoy and retrieve the pot buoy and some line; place Orval's EZ Pull™ on the crab pot line (as described above) with the attached puller buoy. Give Orval's EZ Pull™ its buoy and some slack line in the water. You're now able to retrieve using the boat's forward motion at a nominal speed.

Removing Orval's EZ Pull™
Grasp the rope about 8" to 10" below the roller end, fold it back into the slot and give it a pull toward you.

Detailed Instructions

Hold the EZ Pull in your left hand and with the left thumb press the lever down.

Lay line in the slot and then pull line in under the center rope lock and under the retainer on the roller end of the casting.

This end faces the anchor or crab pot.

This end faces the boat.

To remove rope from EZ pull. Grab the rope about 10" below the EZ Pull and fold the rope back in the slot and give it a pull toward you. Then it will snap right out.

Chain should be about 14" from buoy. This length works best for me.


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