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New Design Concept
Orval Stepper is the inventor of his Orval's EZ Pull™, a device, which takes most of the work out of retrieving anchors, crab or shrimp pots.

Orval was born in North Dakota and moved to Oregon at the age of thirteen. He has been a Willamette Valley resident for about sixty years. Dallas Oregon is his home.

Now, a retired career machinist, Orval spent several years fishing commercially at every opportunity. It was his passion for boating and
fishing, coupled with his experience of pulling crab pots, as well as, setting and retrieving his anchor, which led to the development of a device that he could simply snap on and off the lines.

Orval's EZ Pull™ is solely owned and operated by him and his wife, Velma. The Orval's EZ Pull is U.S. patented.

Each casting is hand inspected and finished by Orval. He takes pride in assembling his invention in his own shop.

Orval Stepper



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