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A New Design Concept!
This new concept in anchor / crab pot pullers simplifies the work of lifting and pulling up heavy anchors or loaded crab pots with your catch.


It is the patented open side-slot and line-locking mechanism that allows snap-it on, and snap-it off control--saving time, effort, and money.

It’s just that simple
When anchoring, there is no threading and holding a line lock open. Just pay out your anchor line, then snap Orval's EZ Pull™ and buoy on to the anchor line. Toss buoy and puller in the water. Pay-out a little more line and you're set. EZ on, EZ off. Snap-it on, snap-it off!

Unique advantages only with Orval's EZ Pull™
• Transfers from pot to pot or anchor with no threading of the line.
• Only one is needed for your entire operation.
• Uses the forward motion and power of your boat.

Orval's EZ Pull is constructed of heavy cast aluminum for added strength and stainless steel parts for corrosion resistance. Weighs just under 2lbs. Accommodates 5/16" to 1/2" lines.

A buoy large enough to support floating your anchor/crab or shrimp pot is required. A buoy is not included in the price.

Orval's EZ Pull gets a Great White Review!

I think about things very few people on the planet have to think about. For instance, how do you safely catch and release an enormous great white shark that weighs more than two tons? As a great white shark researcher, this is one of the problems I face. I need to catch these magnificent creatures in a manner that's safe for me and safe for the shark, so I can attach a special satellite transmitter to their dorsal fins and track them and learn from their migration patterns.

When I first initiated such a tagging program I used a hydraulic platform to lift the sharks from the water, but this method was admittedly rough on the sharks. To develop a new method that would allow me to efficiently catch and tag them while the sharks remained in the water would require new gear. I had to think outside the box. I had an idea...something that would make this all possible...a float that would slide down the catch-rope like a zip-tie. A mechanism that would allow the float to slide closer to the shark but not allow it to slide back towards the boat. I began to assemble parts to make something that would do the trick: jam cleats, PVC, screws...etc. It seemed like an impossible task, until I google/stumbled onto the website for Orval's EZ Pull! Within minutes of reading about Orval's ingenious anchor pulling system I was on the phone ordering 7 of them. I realized these anchor pullers would do exactly what I needed them to do: slowly raise the massive great white shark to the surface, preventing it from diving deep, until I could safely restrain the shark alongside my boat. Orvals EZ Pull worked perfectly, allowing me to achieve what no one had ever achieved before: the first in-water tagging of enormous great white sharks! But a word to the wise...don't try this at home!

If you're interested you can track my white sharks yourself from your iPad or iPhone (iPad is better) via my app called Expedition White Shark. Check it out in the iTunes store.

Dr. Michael Domeier
President Marine Conservation Science Institute.



$53.95 USD
+ $13.95 ship/handling

*U.S. Sales Only

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